Be Full Of Optimism - 03/01/2016
Start the New Year with a positive frame of mind, YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IF YOU WORK HARD ENOUGH #PositiveVibes #optimism



Set the Bar High - 02/01/2016
Set your goals high, let people think you are crazy and then prove them wrong. #AnythingisPossible #HighGoals

new years day


Happy New Year - 01/01/2016
Let's make 2016 the Best Year Ever. Start today by taking one step towards your goals. #smallstepstosuccess #NewYear

new year


New Year - 31/12/2015
“If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re never going to find it.” Define your goals and write the best story you can in the new year. If you plan what you want, and visualise it, you can achieve it. ‪#‎defineyourgoals‬ ‪#‎writeyour2016story‬



There Is No Secret To Hard Work - 30/12/2015
The only way to get what you want is hard work and persistence. Never give up on your dreams ‪#‎nevergiveup‬ ‪#‎nevergivein‬ ‪#‎successsecret‬



Go For It - 29/12/2015
Just get it done. Go for what you want and grab it with both hands. It may seem tough now but you can do it ‪#‎impossibleisnothing‬ ‪#‎GoForIt‬



Monday Motivation - 28/12/2015
Sometimes you need to make things happen for you. Be passionate and Take Action. #dowhatyoulove #mondaymotivation



Monday Motivation - 21/12/2015
Create the future you want first in your mind, then plan how you can achieve it in reality. ‪#‎imagination2reality‬



Build A Rolls Royce - 20/12/2015
Good things take time they don't happen over night. Be prepared to take the opportunity when it arises. #rollsroyce



Work Hard - 19/12/2015
Life is about hard work and persistence. Keep going until people are asking to work for you and for your guidance. #WorkHard #persistence



Improve on Yesterday - 18/12/2015
Worry about what you are doing with YOUR LIFE not what everyone else is doing. Take steps to improve everyday. #makegains #whatyoudocounts



Challenge Yourself - 17/12/2015
Challenge yourself to grow, take on new obstacles and overcome them. #nothingisimposible



Overcome - 16/12/2015
Don't let yourself or your fears get in the way of your dreams. Go for it, overcome it and #challangeyourself

what you do


What You Gonna Do? - 15/12/2015
Your actions determine how far you get in life. If you want something take the necessary steps to get it ‪#‎takeaction‬



Monday Motivation: - 14/12/2015
Create the dreams you want in your mind then set a plan of action and follow it ‪#‎achievesuccess‬ ‪#‎mondaymotivation‬



Eliminate any doubt: - 13/12/2015
You need to take action. Stop doubting yourself and do the hard work so all doubts are eliminated ‪#‎takeaction‬



Open Doors: - 12/12/2015
Sometimes you have to make your own luck in life. Go for what you want and pursue it until you get it. #determined



Surround Yourself with Great People: - 11/12/2015
The five people you surround yourself with the most have the greatest influence on who you are. #beinspired #begrateful #beexcited



Face Your Fears: - 10/12/2015
Be prepared to make sacrifices today for the benefit of your future. Do something you fear everyday. #faceyourfears

show up


Keep Your Commitments: - 09/12/2015
Keep your commitments. If you want something badly enough nothing will stop you. #commited #persistenceiskey



Courage is needed: - 08/12/2015
You need to have courage to take the leap and do what you want to do. Design a plan of action and #GoForIt #Courage



Motivation Monday: - 07/12/2015
You need to take risks in life to make a change. Get out of your comfort zone and take action. #makethechange #risk

stand out


Dare to be different: - 06/12/2015
Dare to be different and do things differently. Distinguish yourself from the rest and flourish. #daretobedifferent



Create Your Reality: - 05/12/2015
Take responsibility for your life, you need to make things happen. Figure out what you want and go for it. #makeithappen #createyourreality



Master Your Destiny: - 04/12/2015
Decide what you want in life and start doing it. Master your craft and be passionate about what you do. #masteryourdestiny #passion #determination



Dare To Be Different: - 03/12/2015
Never be afraid of being different. Different is what will set trends and help form new ideas. #DifferentForAReason



Make It A Reality: - 02/12/2015
If you have a dream, make a plan and start taking action. One step at a time build towards making that goal a reality. #takeaction #plan #onestepatatime



Embrace Your Dreams: - 01/12/2015
Don't see the challenges, SEE THE OPPORTUNITIES you have. Embrace your dream and follow your passions #justgoforit



Motivation Monday: - 30/11/2015
#‎MotivationMonday‬ No more excuses, TAKE ACTION. Do the thing and have the power. ‪#‎controlyourdestiny‬



Act On Your Ideas - 29/11/2015
Actions speak louder then words. Start acting on your ideas and working towards your dreams. ‪#‎DoSomethingBrilliant‬



Be True To You - 28/11/2015
Keep your principles in mind. Make sure you are saying 'Yes' to the things you actually want & are best for you.#yesforyou



Focus on the Opportunities you have - 27/11/2015
Focus on the #opportunities you have in life, not the things you don't have. Find ways to move towards your dreams. Don't look on things as chores, for example if you go to the gym see it as an opportunity to improve yourself and remember that there are many who would love to be in the position you are to do that. Always be #greatful for what you have.



Go For It - 26/11/2015
Sometimes you just have to say 'F*@k it' and just go for it! Follow your intuition and trust yourself #taketheleap



Learn from Failure - 25/11/2015
Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is fine, as long as you learn and grow, success will come. ‪#‎failtosuccess‬ ‪#‎learn‬

great work


Love What You Do - 24/11/2015
Follow your passions and work doing something you love. Wake up each day excited with life. #lovewhatyoudo #passion



Monday Motivation - 23/11/2015
We have the opportunity to thrive, don't live someone else's life, follow your passions. #thrive #mondaymotivation



Overcome Obstacles - 22/11/2015
Try new things, overcome challenges and you will find that things are much more achievable then you thought. #YouCanDoIt



Inspire - 21/11/2015
Create and visualise, come up with your own ideas. Let your dreams inspire you to create a better world. ‪#‎inspired‬



You Can Do It - 20/11/2015
Have confidence in yourself and your amazing ability. When people tell you you can't, do the opposite! #youcandoanythingyouputyourmindto



Be the Difference - 19/11/2015
What changes would you like to see in your life & in the world? Go out and start making them. #BeTheDifference



YOU Make It Happen - 18/11/2015
Nobody is going to do it for you. People can and will help but you must #takeaction and #takecharge of your destiny.



BE POSITIVE - 17/11/2015
Keep your thoughts positive and surround yourself with positive people. See the good in every situation. #positivethoughts

row your own boat


Monday Motivation - 16/11/2015
Do what you want to do, don't be controlled by the thoughts of others. Empower yourself and let your passions bring your success #rowyourownboat #passion #success #mondaymotivation



Remember what you want most - 15/11/2015
Think long term, take the road less travelled and make the sacrifices that will lead you to your goals. You have to want it as bad as you want to breathe. #sacrifice #whatdoyouwantmost



Practice Peace - 14/11/2015
Our thoughts go out to those affected in Paris and those suffering throughout the globe. An attack like this puts life into perspective. Lets all take account and see what we can do to bring peace into our own lives and into the world we live in. #PrayForPeace #ParisAttacks



BE READY - 13/11/2015
Always be prepared to take advantage when opportunities present themselves. #opportunity #Focus #takeadvantage



Challenge & Grow - 12/11/2015
The only way to grow is to move out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself everyday. ‪#‎buildastrongeryou‬ ‪#‎grow‬

Try and Accomplish


Never be afraid to Try - 11/11/2015
If you fail at least you tried. To try is the first step, the next is persistence until failure is no longer an option. #giveitago #suckingatsomethingisthefirststageofbeinggoodatsomething



Visualise Your Reality - 10/11/2015
If you think it you can achieve it. Believe in your dreams and turn them into a reality. #believe #achieve #dreams

great things


Motivation Monday: - 09/11/2015
Expect the best of yourself. Aim higher than you think you can reach. Go for it. #MakeItHappen #Justdoit #MotivationMonday

Napoleon Hill


You Control Your Own Thoughts - 08/11/2015
Make your thoughts positive. Be grateful for the things in your life. Make your own decisions. #controlyourdestiny #youhavethepower

meandering life


Learn from your Mistakes - 07/11/2015
You cannot fail if you learn from your mistakes. Be optimistic and realise they will make you stronger. #noregrets #stronger

five people


Be in a Great Group - 06/11/2015
Do the people you spend time with lift you up or pull you down? Interact with people who make you better and want you to improve. #upgradeyourpeergroup

develop better habits


Develop Success Habits - 05/11/2015
Do your best at everything you do. Build positive habits and success will follow. #successhabits #betterhabits



Be Strong In Adversity - 04/11/2015
If you have tough circumstances remember to keep going, they will only make you stronger in the future. ‪#‎youcandoit‬ ‪#‎makeithappen‬ ‪#‎stronger‬

Don't worry


Focus On What Can Go Right - 03/11/2015
Stop focusing on what could go wrong & FOCUS ON WHAT CAN GO RIGHT. You can achieve if you believe. #dontworrybehappy

failure will never overtake me


How determined are you to succeed? Persistence and a burning desire to succeed are the keys to achieving your goals. Failure is only ever temporary. #succeed #persistence #burningdesire



Do What You Love - 01/11/2015
Do what you enjoy. Find your passions. Money will come when you are pursuing your dreams. #dreams2reality



Be EVERYTHING You Can Be - 31/10/2015
Don't have any limits. Do what you want to do and live up to your full potential. #doyourbest #pushyourlimits



Have No Fear - 30/10/2015
Overcome your fears. Go for what you want in life, sometimes the biggest risks lead to the biggest rewards. #nofear #youcandoit #justdoit



START: Use the resources at your disposal - 29/10/2015
There will never be a perfect time to start. You have to make the time. Start and go from there. #MOTIVATEYOURSELF



Praise Others - 28/10/2015
Look to give sincere and honest praise to people when they deserve it instead of trying to find faults. Focus on the good things people are doing and encourage them. #honest #sincere #praise

no fear


Overcome Your Fears - 27/10/2015
Focus on what you want and ‪#‎GoForIt‬ Nobody can stop you if you want it enough. ‪#‎MakeItHappen‬ #nofear



How determined and satisfied are you? If you are not satisfied then something needs to change. ‪#‎determined‬ ‪#‎satisfied‬ ‪#‎mondaymotivation‬



Use Every Second - 25/10/2015
How are you using your time? Stop procrastinating & START DOING! Work towards your dreams & make them come true. #makeithappen #startnow #nobodywilldoitforyou



Dress for Success - 24/10/2015
Dress to impress. Even if you don't like it, first impressions are everything. Show that you have a positive and professional attitude. Look good, feel good. #lookthepart



Start Now - 23/10/2015
Stop waiting for Monday, the future starts today. No more procrastination, #TAKEACTION #MakeItHappen #justdoit

little things


Every moment, decision & choice matters - 22/10/2015
Every decision you make has a knock on effect. Live in the moment and make the right choices. #everymomentcounts



Don't just learn, APPLY! - 21/10/2015
Apply the knowledge you are learning. Knowing is not enough, YOU MUST DO - Bruce Lee. #actionsspeaklouderthanwords



Plan & Visualise - 20/10/2015
How can you make your goals happen? Start visualising and planning every step. See yourself achieving them. ‪#‎desiretoachieve‬ ‪#‎visualise‬ ‪#‎plan‬

never quit


Monday Motivation - 19/10/2015
Never quit and never give up. The only difference between success and failure is getting back up! #beasuccess #nevergiveup #mondaymotivation



Focus on Internal Control - 18/10/2015
Focus on controlling your mind and body. Keep fit mentally and physically. ACT & ANTICIPATE instead of reacting. #meditate #keepactive #selfcontrol #actandanticipate



You Have No Limits - 17/10/2015
You can do ANYTHING you want to. Visualise, plan and TAKE ACTION. Don't listen to those who say otherwise #YesYouCan #nolimits #takeaction



Have DESIRE and FAITH - 16/10/2015
BELIEVE in yourself. Have FAITH that YOU CAN DO IT because YOU CAN DO IT! #makeithappen #nevergiveup #nevergivein

jump in


GO FOR IT - 15/10/2015
Sometimes we need to just stop procrastinating and GO FOR IT. What's holding you back? #daretojump #makeithappen



Find the Advantage - 14/10/2015
When the going gets tough the tough get going. See the OPPORTUNITY that comes with every CHALLENGE. #findtheadvantage #makeithappen



Measure your Goals - 13/10/2015
Give yourself goals and targets. By tracking your progress you can manage and improve it. #reachyourgoals #measure



Monday Motivation - 12/10/2015
Don't let limiting thoughts or nay sayers tell you you can't. Anything is possible if you have enough desire for it! ‪#‎makeithappen‬ ‪#‎mondaymotivation‬



BE THE CHANGE - 11/10/2015
What would you like to change? Start with yourself and BE the change you want to see. #makeithappen #BeTheChange



Find the Outdoors - 10/10/2015
Go outside, meet new people, search for new experiences. See the beautiful sites your city has to offer. #getoutside



Follow Your Passion - 09/10/2015
What is your passion? How are you pursuing it? Follow your heart and find a way to pursue your dreams. #MakeItHappen



LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL - 08/10/2015
Today is a new day. The past is in the past, live in the present moment. Life is what you make it. #makeitgreat



Make Today & Everyday AWESOME - 07/10/2015
Appreciate everyday you have and live it to the full. What are you doing today to make it AWESOME? #livelifetothefull

get up


Keep Getting Up - 06/10/2015
If you never try how will you ever know if you can do it? Failure is natural at first so just keep getting back up. ‪#‎nevergiveup‬ ‪#‎nevergivein‬



Keep Going - 04/10/2015
Keep Going. The road may seem long but the destination will be worth it. #keepgoing #neverstop #littleimprovements



You have the power of change - 03/10/2015
Only YOU have the Power to Change yourself. What steps are you taking everyday? #makethechange #dailyimprovement



Focus on your future: Visualise - 02/10/2015
Focus on the great things that can happen in your future not on what's already done. Visualise your goals. #achieveitall



You Have A Chance - 01/10/2015
You can do it. As long as you are alive you always have the chance to achieve your dreams. #makeithappen #starttoday



BE MOTIVATED - 30/09/2015
How hard are you working to get to where you want? No one will do it for you. Make continuous gains. #WorkHard #Doit

Push Yourself


Push Through - 29/09/2015
It may seem hard but keep working hard and push through. You will really thank yourself when your effort pays off. #pushthrough #neverstop



Monday Motivation - 28/09/2015
Make a start today, right now. Achieve your goals. Do wonderful things. START! #mondaymotivation #startnow



Victory Will Be Sweet - 27/09/2015
What is your battle? Remember no matter how hard it gets victory will be even sweeter when you get there. #youcanmakeit



MAKE IT - 26/09/2015
Repeat this phrase to yourself. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN MAKE IT. Remind yourself how amazing you are. #youcanmakeit



It Could All Go Right - 25/09/2015
Focus on what you want, not what you might not get. If you never ask you will never receive. #TakeAction #JustGoForIt



Make A Start - 24/09/2015
Who needs Monday, make a start today. What can you do to take the first step towards achieving your goal? Answer that question right now. #Makeastart

comfort zone


Step Out of your Comfort Zone - 23/09/2015
Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself. #learn #grow #beinspired #bechallenged #begreat



Make It Happen - 22/09/2015
Only you can do it. Remember the harder it is the more rewarding it will be when you accomplish it. #MAKEITHAPPEN



Monday Motivation - 21/09/2015
Monday Motivation! #todayisyourday #start #eat #train #live #beproud



Find time for Recreation - 20/09/2015
Find time to relax and enjoy yourself. Make yourself happy and meditate on the good times. ‪#‎recreation‬ ‪#‎healing‬



Apply Your Knowledge - 19/09/2015
Apply what you are learning. TAKE ACTION. When you gain knowledge, it is useless unless you use it. #Applyyourself



Think positive thoughts and focus on the things that are going right. YOU CAN DO IT. #succeed #yesyoucan #achieve



It's POSSIBLE - 17/09/2015
Don't let people tell you what you can't do. Anything you want badly enough is within your grasp. #possible #desire



TAKE ACTION - 16/09/2015
You need to take Action on your Thoughts. Ideas alone are not enough you must ACT on them. #TakeAction #ActOnIdeas



Read Learn Grow - 15/09/2015
Strive to constantly educate yourself. Expand your mind and learn something new everyday. #read #learn #grow #thrive

keep going


Keep going, even if it's slow - 14/09/2015
Persistence is key. Keep going and never give up. #onestepatatime #persistence #success



Make Time - 13/09/2015
No more excuses, if you want something bad enough you can find a way to do it. #maketime



Exercise Matters - 12/09/2015
Exercise is extremely important. The healthier you feel, the more proactive you can be. #maketimeforexercise



Restore your Vitality - 11/09/2015
Remember how important it is to be kind to yourself. Eat well, exercise, take time to relax. #restoreyourvitality



Persevere - 10/09/2015
The hard times help define you as a person. Without the struggle there would be no success. #Dontgiveup #persevere



Wealth is Happiness - 09/09/2015
Work on your relationships with people. Follow your passions. Do things that are worth more then just money. #wealthishappiness



Wealth is Living - 08/09/2015
True wealth is doing what you truly want to do in your life. Find and experience the things you love. #wealth #happiness #livelifetothefull



Measure & Manage - 07/09/2015
Start to measure your progress and see how well you are doing. Set yourself measurable targets and surpass them. #measure #manage #achieveyourgoals



If it's hard you will appreciate it more - 06/09/2015
All your hard work will be worthwhile when you achieve your dreams. When it's tough just keep going. #nevergiveup



Pursue Excellence - 05/09/2015
Do what you enjoy doing and become great at it. Be the best you can be at everything you do. #pursueexcellence



Enjoy what you do - 04/09/2015
Find what you enjoy doing and just do it. Be passionate. #live #laugh #love



Define your success - 03/09/2015
Do what you want to do and enjoy doing it! Define your own success so that you are living the life you want.

better world


Be the Change - 02/09/2015
If you want to see a better world, be the change that you want to see. Inspire others to do the same. #bethechange



Appreciate - 01/09/2015
Learn to appreciate the things you have and to do the things you enjoy. Money alone can't bring you happiness.



Start living your future - 31/08/2015
Start living as the person you want to be & taking steps towards creating the future you want. #TheFutureIsNOW



A little is a lot - 30/08/2015
Doing something is always better then doing nothing. The little things can make the biggest difference. #alittlecanbealot



Mind Over Matter - 29/08/2015
Positive thinking goes a long way. If you want to do something badly enough YOU CAN DO IT. #mindovermatter



Be the BEST - 28/08/2015
Don't settle for good, be the BEST! Work hard, stay dedicated and be better then good! #betterthengood #bethebest



Work Hard - 27/08/2015
Work hard to achieve the things you want in life. If everything was easy you wouldn't experience the joys of success. #hardwork



Prepare for Success - 26/08/2015
Success doesn't just happen, it takes hard work and determination. Prepare for your success and seize opportunities! #success #opportunity



Focus on the positives in your life - 25/08/2015
Focus on the positives in your life. Take a moment to think of all the great things you have achieved big or small. Be happy not only for who you are but for the great person you have the ability to be. #blessed



Make Time - 24/08/2015
If you really want to do something you can make the time to do it! #noexcuses #Makesacrifices #maketime



Show Your Results - 23/08/2015
Be accountable for what you say. Plan, visualise and achieve. Show your results and be proud of what you can accomplish. #showyourresults

good things


Expect Good Things - 22/08/2015
Don't expect the worst. Always think of the great scenarios that can happen if you take a chance and achieve your goals. #expectgoodthings



Know Yourself - 21/08/2015
Know Yourself. Take time everyday to figure out who you are and what you enjoy. Start doing the things you enjoy! #enjoywhatyoudo



Appreciate life - 20/08/2015
Live in the moment, appreciate what you have and where you are going. #liveinthepresent #appreciation #lovelife



Plan and Visualise - 19/08/2015
If you want to achieve something you need to plan in advance. Visualise the steps you are going to take and succeed! #success #plan #achieve



Concentrate on your Strengths - 18/08/2015
Don't be afraid to let others help, you can't always do everything yourself. Be Great at what You Are Great at! #concentrateonyourstrengths



Enrich Others - 17/08/2015
Always help others. Surround yourself with good people who will help you learn and grow. Inspire and be inspired. #grow #inspire



Keep Moving - 16/08/2015
Keep going and moving towards new goals and dreams. Never stop and never give up. #movetogreatness



Keep Smiling - 15/08/2015
Never let life get you down. Sometimes it will be hard but with enough work and dedication your dreams are possible. #keepsmiling



YOU can do it - 14/08/2015
Only you can reach your goals and achieve your dreams. Nobody can stop you, only yourself. #Nevergiveup #achiveitall



F**K the Critics - 13/08/2015
Don't listen to the people who tell you you can't. If you think you can and you want something bad enough, IT IS POSSIBLE! Never listen to those who say otherwise. #followyourdreams #yesyoucan



Learn to LAUGH - 12/08/2015
Success is truly enjoying what you do in life. Learn to laugh in good times and bad. Everybody can make a mistake, just make sure you learn from it. #laugh #learn #love #succeed



Get STARTED - 11/08/2015
Figure out what you want to do and just make a start. Even if it's only 10 minutes, it's more then doing nothing. #Justdoit #getstarted



PUSH IT EVERY DAY - 10/08/2015
If you want to improve, push yourself a little more each day. What have you done today to improve on yesterday? #PushYourself



Good to GREAT - 09/08/2015
Sometimes it is hard to make sacrifices, but remind yourself they are necessary to make your life even better ‪#‎GoodtoGREAT‬



Improve your mental and physical health by eating right. Your body will love you for it! #greenvegetables #feelgreat



Act the change you want to see - 07/08/2015
If you want to be more positive/enthusiastic/motivated, start acting like it. Soon it will catch on. #BeTheDifference



Change Your World - 06/08/2015
Think positive thoughts. Maybe the problem is not your world, it is the perception you have of it.‪#‎ImproveYourMind‬ ‪#‎ImproveYourLife‬



SMILE - 05/08/2015
Wake Up and start your day smiling and telling yourself how great it will be. Then make it great! ‪#‎TodayIsMyDay‬



GROW YOUR NETWORK - 04/08/2015
Build Connections. Help others and include everyone. Make people feel important and show interest in others. #connect #listen



YOU CAN DO IT - 03/08/2015
Only YOU can do it! Don't wait for it to happen MAKE IT HAPPEN. #JUSTDOIT #makeithappen



BE POSITIVE - 02/08/2015
Think positive and look at the upside of every situation. See the glass as half full and let it brim over. #positivethoughts #halffull



BE ENTHUSIASTIC - 01/08/2015
Be Enthusiastic! Life is only as good as you make it. Be positive even in difficult situations. #Live #Laugh #Love



WORK WITH OTHERS - 31/07/2015
Work with others, help them to get what they want and you will be helping yourself. ‪#‎TeamWork‬ ‪#‎BecomeBetter‬



Happy = Healthy - 30/07/2015
Use Happiness as the basis for what you do and form your life around it. Be Happy and Be Healthy. #Health #Happy



GO THAT EXTRA MILE - 29/07/2015
Are you going that extra mile? Do more, be more productive, be more proactive. #domore #bemore #gofurther

wake up


WAKE UP! Stop dreaming and start DOING. Only you can take the steps necessary to make your dreams come true! ‪#‎inspire‬

LET GO - 27/07/2015
Learn not to get wound up over things you can't control. Shit happens, respond positively and let it go. #positivity





CLIMB TO THE TOP- 26/07/2015
Only you can make things happen, nobody is going to do it for you. #MakeItHappen

What value do you bring to others? Don't ask what the world can do for you ask what you can do for the world. #Value



sky skraper


RISE AGAIN- 24/07/2015
Getting knocked down is not the hard part, getting back up is. This is what separates winners from the rest! #riseup

BLOOM - 22/07/2015
It doesn't matter what situation you find yourself in you can always make a change. ‪#‎Bloom‬ ‪#‎becomeunstoppable‬



Don't be afraid of failure. Be more afraid of not trying. Everybody has to start somewhere. ‪#‎onwardsandupwards‬

BE HAPPY - 20/07/2015
Let's all be happy. Smile and make the world a better place.



BE DIFFERENT - 19/07/2015
Dare to be different and make a difference. Be a leader not a follower. ‪#‎makeitcount‬ ‪#‎success‬ ‪#‎achievemore‬

CHASE YOUR DREAMS - 18/07/2015
Nothing is impossible. You can achieve anything you want to you just have to work hard enough! ‪#‎MakeItHappen‬



REPLAY REPEAT - 17/07/2015
Constant repetition carries conviction. Over time your actions can build and compound to achieve great things. ‪#‎Great‬

CLIMB TO THE TOP - 16/07/2015
If you want something bad enough there is a way to achieve it, you just have to make it happen ‪#‎Achieve‬



MAKE IT HAPPEN - 15/07/2015
Only you can make your dreams come true. Stop wishing and start doing. ‪#‎MakeGreatThingsHappen‬

ONE STEP AT A TIME - 14/07/2015
Build habits and form your dreams. Take small steps everyday. ‪#‎Achieve‬ ‪#‎successstartstoday‬



Concentrate on your future, the past is in the past. Keep moving forward. ‪#‎OnwardsandUpwards‬

Dare to be different. Follow your own path, not that of others. ‪#‎Different‬ ‪#‎RealYou‬ ‪#‎bethedifference‬



BELIEVE - 11/07/2015
Be patient, accept that there is a phase of growth that needs to be taken in all that you do. It will come. ‪#‎Believe‬

YES YOU CAN - 10/07/2015
Tell yourself that the things you want to achieve are possible. Say Yes and Do. ‪#‎AchieveMore‬



LEARN - 09/07/2015
Learn something new everyday. Grow your knowledge and open your mind to new ideas and ways of doing things. ‪#‎LEARN‬

BLOOM - 08/07/2015
Don't worry about what others are doing. Concentrate on the great things you are doing. Focus on being the best you and achieving your own goals.


practice what you preach

START NOW - 07/07/2015
Stop Trying, Start DOING. Make plans not excuses. YOU CAN DO THIS!

PLAN - 06/07/2015
Don't wish your life away. Make plans and set targets. Start making it possible and taking action! Achieve Your Goals.



Nature - 05/07/2015
Jeff Olsen says you must pursue your goals similar to how everything in nature grows. Plant. Cultivate. Harvest. It takes time but you will reap the rewards.

practice what you preach

Practice what you preach. Respect other peoples beliefs. Be a better person and inspire others. It is what you do, not just what you say that makes the difference.

MAKE FRIENDS - 03/07/2015
Become interested in others, grow your social circle and be open to learning from every opportunity.



HELP OTHERS - 02/07/2015
Help people, be kind and considerate. By helping others you will help yourself. BE THE DIFFERENCE.

Success Habits - 01/07/2015
Form successful habits and practice them consistently! Become excellent at what you want to do #Habits #Excellence



Discipline - 30/06/2015
Work hard, be disciplined, plan and be dedicated to your goals, so you can flourish in your work and life!

Take back the power - 29/06/2015
What is one thing that's been on your to-do list that you can get done today? Make a fresh start this week and take back the power!

one thing


Learn from Others - 28/06/2015
Be wise and use every opportunity to learn. Talk to people about things they excel in and learn from them. Everybody can teach us something!

Plan & Prepare - 27/06/2015
Plan what you want to achieve, set yourself targets and exceed them!



Start Now - 26/06/2015
No matter how far off track you've gotten there is always time to turn it around. You've just got to start now.

I Will - 25/06/2015
Start taking ‪action, nobody can achieve your ‪‎goals‬ for you. Don't wish your life away, act and you will achieve.

i will not I wish


Ask Questions - 24/06/2015
If you never ask questions you will never find the answers. Ask and you shall receive.

Commit - 23/06/2015
If you make a commitment stick to it, think about your goals and don't stop until you achieve them. Never Give Up!‬



TAKE ACTION- 22/06/2015
Start taking action TODAY! What have you been putting off that you really want to do? Just Start.

Show your beauty - 21/06/2015
What are you great at? Show others the beauty you hold and shine.


never give up

Never Give Up - 20/06/2015
If it's getting hard remind yourself why you started. Never give up, give your all!

Start Your Own Trend - 19/06/2015
What value can you add to others lives? Do something great and who knows it may catch on.


Nelson Mandela

Nothing is impossible. Don't let anything stop you. Only stop when your goal is reached!

KEEP GOING - 17/06/2015
Keep working towards your goals, maybe things will need to change along the way but always keep the end goal in mind!


Zig Ziglar Positive Thinking

Be POSITIVE - 16/06/2015
Start your day with a ‪‎positive thought, change your attitude, don't just be good this morning be GREAT!

Take The First Step - 15/06/2015
What is the first step you will take right now to get you on the journey towards your dreams?



Closer - 14/06/2015
Keep going, NEVER STOP! Each step you take is getting you closer to reaching your goal.

Persistence - 13/06/2015
Never give up. If it's something you truly want keep trying. Persistence will always triumph.



Just START - 12/06/2015
Get started doing the things you want to do today, if you never start you can never succeed! TAKE ACTION

Attraction - 11/06/2015
Start your day by being great, it will not only make you feel good but attract great things to your life as well!


the distance between your dreams and reality is action

Achieve - 10/06/2015
Go out there and start taking action with the things you want to do and achieve

Passions - 09/06/2015
"Your true passion should feel like breathing; it's that natural." - Oprah



Fitness - 08/06/2015
"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." - Buddha

Nutrition - 07/06/2015
"Fast sex, like fast food is cheap, but it doesn't nourish the body - or the soul." - Suzanne Fields



Wellness - 06/06/2015
"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness." - Abraham Maslow

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