I have set up this blog to inspire people to look at their lives from a new perspective. Take a step back and ask yourself are you doing everything you want to do? If not have a read and see does any of this have any influence or help in anyway.

I am an avid promoter of consideration and moderation. I believe that the greater our understanding of others becomes, the more consideration we will have towards others and their views. I want you to challenge your views to try and see them from another perspective and then to define them in a new light, whether they change or not.

I believe education towards moderation is necessary and that everybody has the ability to do something great. Most of all I believe you should never limit yourself. As Robert Fritz says - "If you limit yourself to choices that only seem possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise."


Compromise with others but not with yourself.
I hope this website and it's content can inspire you to strive for more and to learn to question everything.


If you can't change yourself, don't ask the world to change.

Hello and welcome to my page 🙂



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